Why Are Custom Lanyards Ideal for the Workplace?

As an employer, it is your responsibility and duty to keep your workplace secure and your employees efficient. You constantly have to look for ways on how to make your company more productive. It may not seem like a huge deal, but providing custom lanyards to your employees actually has plenty of benefits.

Neck Lanyards For starters, these lanyards are more secure. You may have seen on television shows and the movies how impostors steal clip-on badges from unsuspecting employees. Once they have stolen these badges, they can easily enter the office premises. Now, this is absolutely bad for your company as it can put your business and employees in danger.

Lanyards, on the other hand, cannot be easily stolen since they are worn around the neck –

This makes it extremely difficult for impostors to grab the identification cards of legit employees. To prevent the lanyards from breaking off easily, see to it that you choose durable and high quality attachments.Aside from being more secure, lanyards also allow for easier access. Identification cards, keycards, and flash cards can be easily attached to these lanyards. So whenever you need to use these items, you will no longer have a hard time searching for them inside your purse. You simply have to reach for the lanyard.

When entering a secured area, you just have to stretch out your lanyard so your identification card can reach the card reader on your office building’s door frame or wall. You can also detach it, swipe your identification card, and reattach it when you are done.If you are afraid that custom lanyards will affect your company’s budget, do not worry because these lanyards are inexpensive yet very effective. It is understandable for businessmen to be wary of their spending habits. Nevertheless, lanyards are actually ideal investments. Not only will you not spend a lot on ordering them, but they can pay off handsomely in the long run.

Custom lanyards can promote compliance to company policies –

A lot of employees do not like to wear their IDs in the workplace. But if you give your employees attractive lanyards, they will be encouraged to wear their IDs all the time. This can result in fewer infractions for the human resource department to worry about.The neck straps of these lanyards are also not that expensive compared to their counterparts. Even the most expensive lanyard fabric is still cheaper than materials for clip-on badges. If you want to have bigger savings, you should order these lanyards in bulk.If you want to order custom lanyards in bulk and to get better saving options then go through www.the-lanyard-factory.com. Ordering in bulk is actually like killing two birds with one stone.


Aside from being able to save money, you can also use the extra lanyards as promotional items. Custom lanyards make for practical giveaways to clients. Unlike decorative shot glasses and other promotional items that are more likely to gather dust in shelves, these lanyards will actually be worn by your clients; thus, exposing your company to more people.To promote your business, you can put the name and logo of your company or brand on the lanyards. You can even include the URL of your website, so prospective clients can know more about your business. If possible, you can also add your contact information, such as your business phone numbers, fax, and e-mail address.

If you are aiming for brand promotion or brand recall, you should be meticulous with the design of your lanyards. Ideally, you should base it on the logo of your company. You must select colors that match those of your company logo. This way, whenever people see your custom lanyards, they will immediately associate those with your brand.