Simply a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is someone who does talks and speeches primarily to motivate or inspire an audience. A talk given by a speaker is known as the pep talk. This kind of speaker is also called an inspirational speaker. Someone chosen to deliver these talks is usually an expert on the subject matter that is to be discussed to the audience.

Motivational-Speaker A motivational speaker’s main objective is almost always the same, and that is to motivate and inspire people to help themselves and try to see things in a different perspective, and focus on their own talents and abilities. They do these by trying to look inwards to the emotional and mental levels of the audience they are talking to, changing them into better individuals. People always have a tendency to focus on the negative things that happen in life.

Therefore, instead of seeing the bright future ahead of them, they get stuck in the darkness of their own problems. Big opportunities are being ignored, thus making them feel miserable. And that is what motivational speakers try to change. They develop and deliver life-encouraging speeches for these people to see the way towards the light of their growth and success.

Here’s something you might find interesting – despite being called motivational speakers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what they always do is to literally speak. Yes, some speakers may be invited as guests to special events or to travel to different places to give talks but some do more than that. If a motivational speaker has created a name for him/herself, he/she can also write speeches and publish them – in the form of a book, journal, etc. This can be done by the speakers who have been embraced by the public because of their skills and the way they communicate. The way the speaker talks must have created an influence to his/her audience and therefore, he/she managed to establish a demand for his/her speeches.

Published materials are also one way of trying to expand one’s audience, thus making more people hear what you say, see what you write, and experience enlightenment through your works. Some speakers have been so popular that they have started appearing on television shows and guesting on radio programs.

Furthermore, a motivational speaker sees through the eyes of his/her audience and puts his/her feet in their shoes. The speaker also sees to it that what he/she talks about is appropriate for the audience that he/she talks to. He/she always reflects on his/her own experiences. One cannot talk about life without having experienced life. A speaker does not always talk about his/her successes, but almost always share failures of his/her own. It is important for these kinds of speaker to make the listeners see that they are all of the same kind, and that what the speaker can do and has done, they can too.

Common topics that motivational speakers are requested to do a speech on are the following:

personal development, business, youth mentor, community, pure motivation, team building, sales or customer satisfaction, leadership, and spirituality. Some new emerging themes may involve matters relating to environment (climate change, and saving the planet). Other topics are also gaining popularity because of the humor and witty approach of those who usually tackle them.

You know what they say, some people are born with the natural capacity to make their way to the hearts of their audience. While being a speaker may be inherent for some, it can be learned. Listed below are the different qualities that a speaker must have, or have been proven to possess, before he/she can be considered as really good in his/her chosen field.
motivational speakers•    Heart and passion for helping and telling his/her own story
•    Strong personal motivation and optimism
•    Connection to the audience
•    Good/audible voice
•    Awareness
•    Empathy
•    Freshness
•    Balance
•    Fearlessness
•    Authenticity

These are some of the good qualities that can be observed from a speaker, or the criteria that one must pass in order to achieve being a good, persuasive and reliable speaker.

A motivational speaker may be of great help to various groups of people who need to put a little faith and confidence in themselves. He/she can provide the emotional, mental, and social support an individual or a team needs to remain focused on the most important goals. However, nothing beats a person’s belief in one’s self. Yes, a speaker can cheer you up, but it is always on your own volition that you find what you are looking for in your life.


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